1. Contributions must be unpublished 

Work must not have appeared previously on personal blogs, social media, or other literary journals 

2. If you want to submit material it would be sensible to read a few back issues to get a sense of what we publish

3. The preferred file types are .DOC or .DOCX.   JPEG minimum 2mb for Images

4. Submit all poems in a single document that includes your 50-word bio on either the cover page of the document or on the cover letter portion of submittable. 

5. Fiction & Non-Fiction submissions must adhere to the 4 000 word limit  

6. Submit 1-3 Poems in a single document (not in multiple submissions please!) or Submit 1 prose (Fiction or Non-Fiction) piece

7. No multiple submissions (Only one genre at a time please!) 

Please only submit poetry or prose until you receive a response

8. Please include a 50 word biography in third person and your postal address in the cover letter portion of your submission. 

9.  Only after three months (from the date of your submission) have passed, can you send inquiries to the editor on 

  Please scroll to the category you are submitting to - then press the submit button


*please read these guidelines carefully or submissions will be discarded without being read

New Contrast is committed to providing a space for black woman & black queer writers in South African and the pan-African literature, this category is meant to implement a vision of a literary scene that is all inclusive regardless of race, gender and sexual orientation of which the groups mentioned above have been identified as being in the minority in the larger landscape of South African literary journals. 

Artists and writers of whom this category is meant for are encouraged to send an email to if you there are any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions to improve this category.   

  1. This category is intended for writers and artists who identify as black female, black queer and black non-binary
  2. Every submission must include a cover letter, tell us a bit about yourself, and the work you’ve submitted, plus a 50-word author bio 
  3. Please include your email address somewhere on the document 
  4. Submit one of the following 

      a) 1-3 poems in a single document  65 lines per poem   

      b) 1 Prose piece (Fiction or Non-Fiction or Essay) 4000 words maximum 

      c) 5 visual artworks

      6. Ensure the document is proofread as we have limited staff at New Contrast, if you’ve  

          made a mistake please withdraw and submit again 

      7. Although we make some effort to accommodate the author's preferences, the  

          requirements of the journal will take priority, and format may be changed. If you require 

          specific fonts and so on, please indicate this, explain and justify in a covering letter

      8. Please wait for three months to pass before inquiring about submissions, please send 

           inquiries to the editor:

SA Literary Journal - New Contrast